Our dynamic patent-pending Watercolor Frames are a "GAME CHANGER" for plein air watercolor artists. Each frame compression holds one sheet of paper. A rubber gasket keeps the pigment from your border. Now you can travel and paint with ease. Our ManeFrame™ holds a half sheet, and our MiniFrame™ holds a quarter sheet of watercolor paper. Paintings can be done a single sheet at a time. At any time you can remove the painting from the frame and let the paint dry, then re-insert the paper to begin again. Imagine plein air painting with multiple paintings (sheets) going at the same time, with out the expense of pre-packaged, bound sheets.

MFR-01 ManeFrame™ Watercolor Frame (View item)
15" X 22" frame - 7 lbs. - $323.00 (with accessories)  - $229.00
(frame only) plus sales tax (in CA) and shipping and handling


MFR-02 MiniFrame™ Watercolor Frame (View item)
11" X 15" frame - 4 lbs. - $283.00 (with accessories) - $189.00 (frame only)
plus sales tax (in CA) and shipping and handling


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