"The traditional drawing horse has been around for centuries and we all know Leonardo Da Vinci would have loved this old school bench with a new fold."

— Jon Swihart, Artist, Santa Monica, CA

The Folding Art Horse® is:

Patented • Comfortable • Sturdy & Durable • Lightweight • Space-saving • Transportable

Loved by animators, artists, students, instructors and art event organizers

Each horse has a peg hole for wall hanging or can be stored in a 20" X 30" space when housed in the utilitarian Corral™ 10 horse cart on wheels. Our Stables™ offer a complete set of 10 horses and a Corral™ at a discounted price. Click here to see our product line up.

PROFESSIONAL TESTIMONY (click here for more testimonials).

Artist and Educator Tony Pro (@tonypro_fine_art) of San Antonio Texas demonstrates the ease of use of our model FAH-14C Birch "Long Horse™" Folding Art Horse®

- Thanks for sending us the video Tony!

If you believe drawing is a fundamental part of artistic development, you'll appreciate the attention to detail, quality, construction and Features of The Folding Art Horse® lineup.

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The Horse Collar™ safety brace

Our team has been continually dedicated to refining and improving our products. With our latest addition, our already strong rear brace now features a safety mechanism we call a Horse Collar™. Once the brace is locked, gravity slides the collar down to cover the overlap of both pieces, restricting unintentional movement. Safer and more secure than ever before, the Folding Art Horse® continues to provide educators and artists with the ultimate space saving solution without compromising the fundamental features sought after for artistic development.


AVAILABLE NOW with Horseshoes™!

Now with the addition of our Horseshoe™ the base of our Folding Art Horses® is protected from splintering and chipping. The rubber foot provides an unmatched comfort for artists on all surfaces. Our Horseshoes™ have been designed to fit all previous models of The Folding Art Horse®, and the rubber foot is replaceable. Click here for more info.


The brilliantly designed & patented Folding Art Horse® uniquely folds flat allowing for greater storage and portability. An individual bench sets up in seconds, and a group of 10+ can set up and draw in a few minutes. Imagine no more time consumed stacking and unstacking splintery old disrespected benches.

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Artist Linsley Lambert, Culver City, CA


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