Features of the Patented Folding Art Horse®.

1) On our products you'll find custom made stainless steel components. Solid materials (Made from quality Pine & strong Birch Laminated plywood), Heavy duty stainless steel hardware, Sturdy Construction and Expert Craftsmanship. Hand built to order in the USA.
2) Dual grooves for optimal drawing board placement.
3) Custom manufactured Side Braces. Each side brace has a thumb tab to push/snap into place, assited by a locking dimple. Each is anchored by a bolt into a dowel nut enabling metal to metal threading.

4) The Horse Collar™ safety brace

Our team has been continually dedicated to refining and improving our products. With our latest addition, our already strong rear brace now features a safety mechanism we call a Horse Collar™. Once the brace is locked, gravity slides the collar down to cover the overlap of both pieces, restricting unintentional movement. Safer and more secure than ever before, the Folding Art Horse® continues to provide educators and artists with the ultimate space saving solution without compromising the fundamental features sought after for artistic development.

5) Binding bolts and oversized screws attach the hinges ensure strength and stability.
5) Magnetic Clasps maintain the folded position making the horse easy to carry or store.
6) Hand holds for unfolding.
7) Peg hole for hanging.

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