Perfect for the professional artist, or individual users, our 30" seat pine model is light weight, comfortable and transportable. Our pine models have a neck height of 15 7/8". When upright and extended the sturdy benches features a 17 1/4" high seat with a surface area of 11" x 30". The rounded edges comfortably support an artist and drawing board. The difference between the two models? The FAH-12C has Horseshoes™. Click the "View item" links below for additional information and specs.

FAH-02C PINE Folding Art Horse® (View item )
11" X 30" seat - 13 lbs. - $268.00
plus sales tax (in CA) and shipping and handling

FAH-12C PINE Folding Art Horse® with Horseshoes™
(View item) - 11" X 30" seat - 14 lbs. - $308.00 plus sales tax (in CA) and shipping and handling

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Added protection with Horseshoes™

Our Horseshoes™ prevent slippage and protect the base of our Folding Art Horses® from splintering and chipping. The replaceable rubber pad provides an unmatched comfort for artists on all surfaces. Our Horseshoes™ are custom molded, and have been designed to fit all previous models of The Folding Art Horse®. Click here for more info. Lastly, with the horse tipped on end as a table the rubber pad works as a rail to keep your drawing board from sliding.

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